Am Ch Candidals The Fire Starter

The Pascoes, long with Cinder and Arson have returned to America, they are now settled back into American life based in FLORIDA.  Nathan and I will of course be sorting out our holiday plans - watch this space.....

ARSON is already taking America by storm, and has achieved Champion Status, Kim and Garry will now be campaigning him towards his GRAND CHAMPION Status.

Arson (below) being handled by Mary-Lynn Jensen, to achieve his final points to make AMERICAN CHAMPION STATUS

When they left the UK, Arson had already written breed history by achieving the Dog CC and Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy at CRUFTS in 2009, this was all gained whilst slightly under 10 months old - never done before in the breed!

The Judge giving Arson an extra look, who knew what was to come!

Ribbons and Rest...

Garry is the "Fire Chief", hence his theme of dogs names, Kim and Garry took Cinder home from an early litter we bred.  Then they expressed an interest in showing, waited for a few years for us to breed the right dog for them, and along came ARSON.

We knew that they had already choosen the name Arson, so we picked his posh pedigree name to match - Candidals The Fire Starter!!!

Both Cinder and Arson are true Fire Station dogs and can always be found with Garry assisting at the station!

Arson's first win stateside - St Petersburgh Dog Fanciers Assoc

- (see below) BEST DOG!